Aerobros X827

Reconnaissance and surveillance drone

Octocopter designed for Police, Defence, Military, Search & Rescue services

  • Optimized and redundant motorisation
  • Flight time up to 50 minutes
  • Deployable in less than one minute
  • Ultralight and resistant pure carbon shell
  • Compact size 650x650mm
  • Equipped with low noise propellers for furtive flights
  • Versatile payload options
  • Ultra high definition camera equipped with 4k Sony sensor
  • High definition Flir/Ulis Lwir Thermal imaging camera
  • Night vision Flir/Sis Infrared camera
  • Availability: Q3 2018

  • Carbon fiber frame

    X827 is made of aerospace grade carbon material curred in autoclave

    Endurance octocopter

    Designed and optimized for extra long flight time

    Multi gimbals adapters

    Designed to carry multiple camera solutions